Klein Curacao – A day in Paradise…

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Klein Curacao is a small island of 3 km2 (1.2 square miles) big which is just 10 kiometer (6.2 miles) South-West from the mother island Curacao. These days the island is an uninhabited island, but in the past fishermen and farmers lived here.

The island is a rather barren island, but in the past the island was green with grass. Farmers kept their goats on the island. The island was till the 19th century a seabird paradise island. The droppings of the seabirds caused a chemical reaction with the limestone into phosphate which was a populair product in Europe (they used phosphate for feed for animals and fertilizer for the ground). In 1871 the English mining engineer John Godden came to the island by accident. From that moment until 1886, the phosphate recovered and shipped to Europe. The island became lot lower, not green anymore, and the seabirds never came back. Due to reforestation project of Carmabi, the island becomes greener and greener again.


Scuba diving in Curacao

An ideal holiday spot for divers!
Curacao was born millions of years ago, developing under the sea from lava rock on which coral has grown for centuries. For millions of years reefs have surrounded the island, attaching to the shore like a narrow fringe. In some places they are like beautiful gardens, with delicate corals and are home to brightly coloured tropical fish. In others, massive coral formations extend into depths with deep-water fish patrolling the plunging walls.
It is no wonder that diving is one of the most popular sports on Curacao!
This dive-pages will give you helpful information for diving in Curacao, as well as a summary of what you will experience after breaking the surface. Stretching across the entire south coast, Curacao has over 60 identified dive sites to choose from with 44 of them equipped with chains. Experiencing the shallow reefs is unforgettable and once you descend into the depths, Curacao’s most impressive natural sites will be unveiled.



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Swimming with Dolphins in Curaçao

The Dolphin Academy – Enjoy this unique experience
During the intimate and informative programs of Dolphin Academy you will discover the myth behind dolphins. The dolphins live in large natural lagoons where you can meet them. During the interactive programs you will learn everything about dolphins.

Caress, hug and kiss a dolphin while learning everything about him or her! While you stay up to your waist in the water, the dolphin will come to you so you can touch him or her. The trainer tells everything about the dolphin. The dolphin shows you various parts of his or her body and various behaviors. This program is a relaxed and interactive way to learn a lot about dolphins. Participation is open to all ages and also for pregnant women. Children up to 4 years will even pay half of the price


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Curaçao Activities – Things To Do



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